Product swatches widget

Our app provides both App embed and App block for product page. Both of them render the same swatches widget but in a slightly different way.

App embed (recommended)

  • Finds position to insert widget automatically
  • Support all types of themes: modern and vintage

We recommend starting with App embed. It's more universal and will be sufficient in most cases.

App block

  • Must be manually positioned on product page
  • Works only with modern Online Store 2.0 themes
  • Slightly faster loading (implemented in Liquid)

Use App block when you need to change position of the widget on product page.

Change position of widget

To change position of the widget use App block. You can move it to the right place in Theme Editor.

If you want to change widget position in theme that doesn't fully support App blocks on product page please contact support and we'll help you.

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